Add Your Chimney to Your Spring Checklist

Spring: When folks’ thoughts turn to sunshine and flowers and short sleeves — our chimneys, often not so much.

Thoughts of Spring don't usually consist of your chimney's needs (maintenance and repairs). Well, it's time to include it, for you and your home's sake.
Thoughts of Spring don’t usually consist of your chimney’s needs (maintenance and repairs). Well, it’s time to include it, for you and your home’s sake.

It’s natural to give the most thought to your chimney system maintenance when the temperatures are getting chilly, since those shivers remind you of how much enjoyment your fireplace or stove brings on cool nights. But at Old Hat Chimney Service, we consider the beginning of spring an ideal time to think about your chimney system’s needs. Because one of your chimney system’s most distinct needs is protection against moisture intrusion — and spring always brings a lot of moisture.

Stay Ahead Of The Spring Rains

We’ll never complain about a rainy spring, since all that moisture is a big part of feeding the bursts of colorful flowers and verdant green that comes out during the spring in Georgia too. But we can’t sugarcoat the fact that spring and summer humidity has its downsides, and your chimney knows that all too well.

If there’s a small problem in your chimney system — say, hairline cracks in your chimney crown, masonry joints that are starting to recede or loose or missing caulk around your chimney flashing  — you may be looking at a welcome from spring in the form of a chimney leak or moisture damage.

If you schedule your annual chimney inspection as part of your spring home maintenance checklist, Old Hat technicians can find potential problems before they become big problems, and make repairs that will keep your chimney system strong and watertight through the rainy season.

Extra Protection Against Moisture Helps Your Masonry Chimney All Year

Part of protecting your chimney system against moisture intrusion is insuring that its lines of defense — like the chimney cap, crown and flashing — are in great working order. But there’s another really effective way to keep water out, and make your chimney stronger for years to come.

Old Hat Chimney Service technicians recommend and apply a specially formulated waterproofing sealant to masonry chimneys — it keeps excess water from being absorbed into your chimney’s interior, and protects the masonry itself long term. You’ll have extra protection against leaks, and a longer service life from the brick and mortar that makes up your chimney too.

And spring is the perfect time to have chimney waterproofing done, since it’s surely beneficial to have your system protected during the spring rains and humid summer.

If you have any questions about the best approach to chimney care throughout the year, Old Hat Chimney Service is always glad to help our valued clients. Give us a call!

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