Chimney Mold F.A.Q.

Chimney Mold F.A.Q.

We know that your chimney is the last part of your house you likely think about…and when there is an issue, it can be confusing. Here at Old Hat Chimney Service, we make sure to help out as much as we can – one chimney problem at a time. In our many years in the chimney industry, we have encountered more chimney problems than you can even imagine. One of the most common chimney problems that we’ve encountered is chimney mold.

What are chimney molds?

if water has gotten inside your chimney, you may have a mold problem. Call and schedule a chimney inspection today!
if water has gotten inside your chimney, you may have a mold problem. Call and schedule a chimney inspection today!

Molds are basically a type of fungi that form really tiny spores. Their spores cannot be seen by the naked eye; therefore we have no way of detecting whether there is a horde of molds growing in our chimneys at this very moment. Molds are characteristically annoying and difficult to get rid of because they have the ability to survive even in the harshest environments. There are several types of molds and mold growth which can be characterized by their color and the presence (or absence) of a musty odor.

How do they get in our chimneys?

Mold growth is commonly associated with food and dubbed as one of the most obvious signs of food spoilage. Because of this, some of you may be wondering what these molds are doing in your chimney. But the thing is, mold growth isn’t only limited in food. Anywhere or anything with moisture coupled with the right kind of environmental condition is optimal for mold growth: Food, our chimneys, the basement and our shower stalls – these are all ideal breeding grounds for molds.

What are the signs that indicate mold growth in our chimney?

The most common tell-tale sign of mold infestation in our chimney is the odor. You need to look out for that distinct foul, musky smell. If you do, then it’s time to get your chimney checked by a professional.

How can you remedy chimney mold?

All you need to remember is this: chimney leaks = mold growth, mold growth = chimney leaks. In the industry, every chimney professional certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America already knows that chimney leaks and mold growth are an inseparable tandem.  Once you discover that there are molds in your chimney, it would only mean that there is a leak in there somewhere. Find the source of the leak and have it fixed.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, have a chimney inspection scheduled today!

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