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You may not readily see your chimney’s liner, but it’s one of the most important parts of your chimney system. That’s because the liner’s role is multifaceted: it enhances the chimney’s performance and its safety — two of the key things that determine a good chimney.

How A Good Chimney Liner Enhances Performance

A chimney pulls air up and expels it out of the top of the flue using draft — a difference in pressure between the hot air from your fire and the cooler air outside the chimney works to create that upward (and outward) flow. A smooth and smoke-tight chimney liner helps create a flue that’s primed for optimum draft, like a good straw that allows you to easily draw up your drink. Now imagine that straw has a hole in it — no matter how much additional effort you put in, it just won’t draw right. That’s how a chimney with a damaged liner ends up working. Cracks and gaps inhibit the flow of air, and the combustion byproducts that you want out of your home are, unfortunately, likely staying in there.

A chimney liner can also be the key to strong performance when a new appliance is added to a system. Fireplaces, stoves and inserts are designed to work with a flue of a particular size, in order for proper draft to occur. If you’re adding an appliance to an existing chimney, and that flue is the wrong size, it can be effectively resized by adding a new liner.

How A Good Chimney Liner Enhances Safety

Masonry materials are strong, but years of extreme heat, acids from burning fuel and the potential effects of water intrusion can wear those materials down. And if damaged masonry is the only barrier between your fire and the combustible building materials in your walls, there’s certainly increased cause for worry. A strong chimney liner provides a strong layer of protection for your masonry, and ultimately, your home.

A good, smoke-tight chimney liner also helps keep toxic gases like carbon monoxide contained in and expelled from your chimney — both a performance and safety benefit.

Options For Relining Your Chimney

If your chimney is in need of relining, Old Hat Chimney Service technicians can talk with you about the various options, from durable new stainless steel liners to HeatShield®’s CeCure Sleeve Relining System. The best choice for you will depend on your individual chimney, your needs and your budget. It’s an important choice, and one we’ll be glad to help with, since a well-functioning flue liner is key to a well-functioning chimney.

Does your chimney need relining? Call Old Hat Chimney Service today at 770-529-2654 — our CSIA-certified technicians can help you find the right liner option, and install it with expert care.


Doing masonry repairs and restoration work correctly requires expertise and experience. At Old Hat Chimney Service we do this kind of skilled chimney repair on a regular basis, so call us for help today.

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