Evolution of the Chimney Sweep

Evolution of the Chimney Sweep

History of Chimney Sweeping

When you think of the people who keep your chimneys in tip-top condition, did you ever wonder how they evolved? If you did, here’s a brief history lesson on chimney sweeps.

Chimney sweeping used to be an extremely dangerous job - particularly when mostly children were used.
Chimney sweeping used to be an extremely dangerous job – particularly when mostly children were used.

It all started in England. The use of chimneys were very popular and the government found an avenue to make money out of it that they created a mandatory rule of paying a hearth tax. This affected the people in many ways because the amount paid for having a chimney was a bit huge for an average person. Because of this, people started to look for ways to lessen the tax amount by way of interconnecting chimney flues to one fireplace.

Also during this time, coal products were in demand. The bad part about it was that after combustion, the fireplace became very dirty and needed to be cleaned every single day which became very tiring and stressful for homeowners. However, this situation paved the way to what is now known as chimney sweeps. The dirty fireplaces and chimneys needed some cleaning and so it created jobs for people.

Chimney sweeping actually started with children; homeless, poor, orphaned kids. They had a chimney master who fed them, clothed them and gave them a place to live in exchange for hard labor in cleaning big factory chimneys for big companies with only a small brush to use. This was mainly because they were the only ones who can fit inside the small areas of the chimney. But this did not go on for a long time thanks to the efforts of the British Parliament that passed the Act of Regulation of Chimney Sweepers in 1864.

At present, the chimney sweeping industry has developed highly sophisticated and innovative equipment to make the chimney sweep’s job a little easier. Chimney sweeps have come to be very handy because they are now able to not only do the basic cleaning but also do repairs and replacements for certain parts of the chimney that needs attention too.

With the help of the CSIA, a world-renowned organization that produces professional and credible chimney sweeps, they are now, more than ever, ready to properly maintain the stability and overall efficacy of your chimney. We here at Old Hat Chimney Services pride ourselves in that. So for all your chimney worries and needs, just give us a call and we’ll give you the best service a chimney sweep is expected of.


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