Repairing a Leaky Chimney

Water in your chimney is a recipe for disaster. Have CSIA-certified experts waterproof your chimney as well as repair water damage, if there are any.
Water in your chimney is a recipe for disaster. Have CSIA-certified experts waterproof your chimney as well as repair water damage, if there are any.

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), water is the biggest enemy of your masonry chimney. When your chimney brickwork is penetrated by water, all sorts of expensive damage is possible, and when leaks develop, it is definitely time to have the leaks repaired by a CSIA-certified company like Old Hat Chimney Service. With experienced technicians thoroughly inspecting your chimney for the leak source, our staff can zero in on the problem, fix your leak, and even safeguard your chimney from future leaks, saving you money in more repairs. We would like to tell you more about our common chimney leak repairs and prevention methods.

● flashing

The seal between the roof and your chimney, flashing plays an important role in keeping water out of your chimney. The CSIA describes flashing as preventing rainwater from running down your chimney, entering your home’s interior, damaging your ceilings and walls, and even rotting your rafters. At Old Hat Chimney Service, we realize the importance of customized flashing, and we do all of our flashing in layers to be more effective. We can even design a custom cricket, a raised ridge built against the problem chimney wall, to encourage water to flow into your gutters, away from your chimney.

● chimney crown

Located at the top of your flue, your chimney crown also protects your chimney from water penetration. However, your chimney crown can suffer cracks and other damage, and water can get in through these cracks. Chimney leaks are a sign of chimney crown damage, as are white stains or green growth around the top of your masonry chimney. The CSIA recommends a chimney crown be constructed of a Portland cement-based mixture and formed to provide an overhang projecting beyond all sides of the chimney by a minimum of two inches, and our Old Hat Chimney Service CSIA-certified technicians will do that as well as repair cracks.

● chimney cap

Even more important in the battle against water penetration, a chimney cap sits on the top of your chimney and keeps out water, debris, and animals. A properly fitted and installed chimney cap should last for years. According to the CSIA, a chimney cap is the most inexpensive preventive measure against water penetration and chimney damage. At Old Hat Chimney Service, we sell a wide variety of styles and sizes in different types of metals, and our professional installers will customize your chimney cap to perfectly fit the top of your chimney.

● masonry joints

If your exterior masonry joints have deteriorated, water can leak through those cracks. Old Hat Chimney Service provides the best way to repair these damaged joints: tuckpointing. Extensively trained in this process, our specialists have vast experience in tuckpointing and can restore historical chimneys as well as repair damage by removing the old mortar and replacing the joint with new mortar.

If you are noticing chimney leak symptoms, contact Old Hat Chimney Service today to schedule an appointment to talk to our CSIA-certified staff about repairing your leaky chimney.

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