Top-Sealing Dampers: The Best Way to Keep the Cold Air Out

Benefits of a Top Sealing Damper - Atlanta GA - Old Hat Chimney ServiceA damper is a crucial component of every chimney, according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Essential for an energy-efficient home, the damper keeps the heat in and the cold air out of your house to reduce your heating costs. Your damper also keeps you and your family safe by controlling the flow of smoke, gases, and the other byproducts of combustion up the chimney to exit your home. Available in two different types, you can choose between the throat damper and the top-sealing damper. Also known as the traditional fireplace damper, a throat damper is installed right above the firebox and is found in many old masonry chimneys. However, this type of damper has many flaws and issues as it does not do as good of a job of keeping out the cold air. We at Old Hat Chimney Service strongly recommend the top-sealing damper over the throat damper. We would like to tell you more why we feel a top-sealing damper is the best way to keep out cold air, along with its other benefits.

A top-sealing damper can take care of two functions at once.

One of our favorite features of a top-sealing damper is that it also serves as a chimney cap when the damper is closed, and, quite frankly, this type of damper actually gives you better protection than an ordinary chimney cap. Equipped with a silicone rubber gasket that seals in heat and air conditioning as a damper, a top-sealing damper also gives you an air-tight seal to keep out water, debris, birds, squirrels, and raccoons — just as a chimney cap would. When our customers need a new chimney cap, Old Hat Chimney Service recommends installing a top-sealing damper instead of a chimney cap. Some models of top-sealing dampers come with protective meshing, so even when the damper is open, your chimney is still protected from debris and animals.

A top-sealing damper saves you both energy and money.

This clip is courtesy of Richie Baxley at Environmental Chimney Service in Asheville NC.Throat dampers just do not completely seal as well as top-sealing dampers. You will not have to worry about cold air, ice, and snow entering your flue to create a cold core in your chimney. This cold core will attempt to cool your home at the same time that your heating system is trying to warm it up, which is a waste of both fuel and money. Because a top-sealing damper sits atop your chimney, cold air never even has a chance to get anywhere inside because your entire flue is sealed air-tight with the silicone rubber gasket. Trust us when we say you will save money on both cooling and heating bills by installing a top-sealing damper.

A top-sealing damper is easy to operate.

With some throat dampers, you have to almost stick your head up the fireplace to open and close them. When you have a top-sealing damper, opening and closing the damper is simple. A stainless steel cable from the damper drops down the chimney and connects to an easily-accessed handle which is mounted inside the firebox. Different models will have different opening and closing methods, but we promise you will find all easy to use.

Want to know more about the benefits of top-sealing dampers? Contact Old Hat Chimney Service to find out even more advantages to this type of damper.

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