The Different Levels Of Chimney Inspections:

Chimney Caps

The most reliable way to ensure that leaks, damage or animal intrusions aren't making your chimney-less safe than it can and should be is to have regular chimney inspections performed by experienced, CSIA-certified technicians. Inspections keep you aware of how well (or how poorly) your system is working, and allow problem areas to be discovered before they're able to become bigger, more costly issues.

Standard Level 1 Chimney Inspections
On an average year, a Level 1 chimney inspection may likely be the appropriate one for your home. It includes a visual look into your system, from the firebox up through the flue, and it's geared toward systems that haven't changed -- a new appliance hasn't been added, the fuel hasn't been changed, and significant damage hasn't occurred. This type of inspection is part of routine maintenance and does not involve the use of any tools or any sort of destructive techniques.



Real Estate Transaction Inspections, Or Level 2 Inspections
When a home or other property is being bought or sold, a more in-depth inspection is warranted. We'll perform the same detailed inspection that you'd see in a Level 1 inspection, checking and scanning all accessible parts of the system, top to bottom. But we'll also inspect attics, basements and crawl spaces for a complete picture of the chimney. This level of inspection is also recommended when something in your system has changed, like the appliance, fuel or flue liner.

Post-Chimney Fire And Lightning Strike Inspections
When damage or potential damage has occurred, it's important for the most thorough (or Level 3) inspection to be performed. This can include removing permanent portions of the system or surrounding area (including masonry, doors or drywall) so that we can be sure that hazards aren't hiding that can make using your chimney highly dangerous. Things like fires and lightning are considered "sudden occurrences," and repairs are often covered by homeowners’ insurance -- we can talk with you about your damage and help you understand whether your situation falls under that sudden-occurrence umbrella.

Old Hat Chimney Service's certified professionals have been providing homeowners in the Atlanta area with comprehensive chimney inspections since 1992, and our unwavering aim is on exemplary customer service. Whether you suspect that you might have a chimney leak or are just overdue for a regular inspection, we're here to help.

Depending on your needs, our technicians can perform the most appropriate type of chimney inspection, based on the National Fire Protection Association's standards. Our technicians also use state-of-the-art chimney video scanning equipment, which not only allows us a more detailed look into your chimney but also gives you the opportunity to see what we see and to get more insight into our findings.

Real Estate Chimney Inspections Before Bying or Selling a Home - Atlanta GA - Old Hat Chimney Service

The service we can provide for your chimney and fireplace system includes sweeping and cleaning your chimney when it needs it. Give us a call to set it up.


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