Post Chimney Fire & Lightning Strike Inspections

We Specialize In Post-Chimney Fire & Lightning Strike Inspections!

Chimney fires, lightning strikes and many other natural events (earthquakes, major winds) generally fall under what’s considered “sudden occurrences” by homeowners’ insurance companies. Those events can cause major damage to your chimney system, and in many cases, insurance will cover the necessary repairs or reconstruction.

Before the claims process can begin in earnest, you’ll need to know for sure what type of damage you’re dealing with. That’s where the CSIA-certified professionals at Old Hat Chimney Service come in. Our experienced technicians regularly deal with
‘sudden occurrence’ damage and can inspect your chimney system to assess what type of damage occurred, and what likely caused it.

Common Signs Of Sudden Occurrence Damage

Chimney damage due to seismic activity and weather incidents can vary greatly, from cracks to chimney stacks that are structurally compromised. There are also a number of particularly common signs that indicate chimney fire damage, including vertical cracks in flue liner tiles and the presence of burnt glazed creosote — it begins in an almost sugary, candy-like form, but after it’s ignited, it turns into a puffy, foam-like substance that gives off an obvious burnt odor.

Our technicians can video scan your flue to provide visual documentation of your chimney’s issues. If there was a sudden occurrence, video scan imagery can provide a clear indication of the signs.

Insurance Won’t Cover Poor Construction Or Deferred Maintenance

In general, homeowners’ insurance policies will not cover chimney damage when it’s the result of poor construction or installation or issues that occur because of water infiltration or a clogged flue. That’s one of the many reasons being diligent about regular maintenance is so important.

Regular inspections ensure that small areas of damage are discovered before they lead to larger problems, and let you know when it’s time to schedule a sweep. Regular chimney sweeping ensures that debris or creosote that might be blocking or clogging your flue is removed, helping make chimney fires less likely.

What Can You Do After A Sudden Occurrence?

Old Hat Chimney Service can inspect the damage that has occurred and formulate a plan of action for repairing or rebuilding your chimney. You can help make your insurance claim run more smoothly by making a point of documenting everything related to the sudden occurrence and your damage. Write down the date and time of the event, how you discovered the damage, professionals you spoke with and when (whether they’re chimney or insurance professionals) and whatever details you think might be pertinent. Having this information ready can help you provide insurance professionals with the information they may need, quickly and accurately.

If you’ve experienced a chimney fire or chimney damage due to a sudden occurrence, call Old Hat Chimney Service at 770-529-2654, or click here — our CSIA-certified technicians specialize in post-chimney fire and lightning strike inspections!


Whether you need a simple chimney inspection or a more thorough video scan, call Old Hat Chimney Service for expert help.

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