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Buying Or Selling A Property? We Specialize In Real Estate Transaction Inspections!

When you’re buying a new home, a beautiful fireplace and chimney can be one of the most eye-pleasing, heart- (and body-) warming parts of that purchase. If that chimney system is in disrepair — if it’s suffering from deferred maintenance, or poor installation and workmanship — it can quickly become one of your biggest home headaches. That’s part of why the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states, in the 211 standard for chimneys and related appliances, that Real Estate Transaction Inspections should be performed whenever a property is changing hands.

A home will likely be the biggest, most important purchase you make in your life, and having all the information you need about that property helps make the transition into owning it a smoother one. No one wants to be surprised a month after they signed the papers with the need for a relined or rebuilt chimney. A Real Estate Transaction Inspection performed by Old Hat Chimney Service leaves you with a detailed analysis of the chimney and the appliance connected to it.

Chimneys Are Complex Systems: Chimney Experts Offer The Deepest Insight

In most cases, home inspectors will take a look at the chimney during a routine home inspection. But home inspectors are also generally upfront about the fact that they’re not chimney experts, and that their inspection will only be a basic one.

When the NFI- and CSIA-certified professionals at Old Hat Chimney Service perform a Real Estate Transaction Inspection, or Level 2 Chimney Inspection, you’re getting an accurate and detailed picture of the entire chimney system, including clear video and photo imagery that allows us to show you — not just tell you — what’s going on inside your flue.

You’ll know whether the chimney was built and installed properly, whether it has proper clearance to combustibles and whether components from the flue liner to chimney crown are showing signs of cracks or gaps. You’ll have a reliable analysis of the chimney system top to bottom, including areas that are accessible from the attic, basement or crawl space.

You’ll also have a clear outline of our findings, including imagery to illustrate those findings. And we’ll offer honest recommendations for any necessary repairs so that you can start your life in your new home with a chimney system that offers the level of safety and performance it should.

The goal of a proper Real Estate Transaction Inspection is to help you make the wisest and safest decision before a damaged or improperly-built chimney becomes your property and your problem. If you need to schedule a Real Estate Transaction Inspection in the Atlanta area, call Old Hat Chimney Service at 770-529-2654 — our CSIA-certified technicians are ready to help! You can also request an appointment online!


A video inspection of your chimney can identify any damage that may have occurred from lightning strikes or chimney fires. Ask us about this service and how you know whether you need it.

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