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Combustion heating appliances naturally produce byproducts, and over time, those byproducts will leave deposits all along your flue. The development of creosote, in particular, creates a strong need for regular chimney sweeping.

When we sweep your chimney, our aim is to provide a thorough cleaning and a complete video scan inspection, while maintaining the cleanliness of your home.

We lay drop cloths from your front door to your fireplace to protect your floors, and use a powerful HEPA-filtered vacuum and other specialized tools to remove ash and creosote without letting any residue escape into your living space.

Our video-aided inspection allows us to find any hidden defects in your chimney system, once it’s clean and prepared for a proper inspection. We follow the CSIA’s detailed guidelines for all kinds of appliances and chimneys, to ensure that we’re doing everything we can to leave you with a safer chimney system that performs the way it was designed to.

Chimney Systems Old Hat Chimney Service Routinely Sweeps:

When Should You Schedule A Chimney Sweeping Appointment?

The frequency with which a chimney should be swept does depend on the type of system and how often it's used, though the National Fire Protection Association's standard says that chimneys, fireplaces, and vents should be inspected annually, and a proper inspection should include a pre-inspection cleaning.

The CSIA's general recommendation is that a masonry fireplace is swept when build-up reaches a thickness of 1/8 inch, or whenever the presence of "glazed" or Stage 3 creosote is noted. Prefabricated systems should be cleaned when build-up becomes noticeable as well, to reduce the damage that acids in that build-up can cause.

The Simplest Explanation Of Creosote Deposits:

As you burn fuel in your appliance, hot air and gases rise in the flue, and they cool as they meet with the cooler flue walls, resulting in condensation. The condensate -- made up of moisture, carbon and other compounds -- leaves an oily residue that builds up over time and use. It's highly combustible, and as the deposits thicken, the situation becomes more and more dangerous. Creosote build-up can block your flue and impede your chimney’s ability to vent properly, and can also easily ignite, causing a chimney fire.

You can minimize creosote issues – along with the problems that arise from other debris getting in your chimney – by having your chimney regularly swept by NFI- and CSIA-certified technicians. Give us a call at 770-529-2654, or click here to have our NFI- and CSIA-certified technicians take care of all your chimney needs.


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At Old Hat Chimney Service, we excel in all kinds of chimney repairs and restorations. If our inspection uncovers a need for this chimney and fireplace service, rest assured we've got you covered!


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