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Chimney Caps

Why Is A Chimney Cap So Important?

Your chimney is equipped with a variety of parts to protect it from the elements. One of the most important parts is the chimney cap, which is a metal cap that sits at the top of the chimney flue.

A high-quality, properly sized and fitted chimney cap can keep work to keep your chimney free of water, debris and animals for years and years. Unfortunately, many chimneys lack a chimney cap altogether, which essentially means that the flue is wide open and inviting the great outdoors into your home.


Chimney caps are important for a variety of reasons, but some of the most key roles that chimney caps play are listed below:

  • Animal Prevention – The chimney is a favorite nesting place for a variety of animals, from squirrels to chimney swifts. In addition to bringing noise, dirt and flammable nesting materials into the chimney system, animals also bring with them feces and disease. Even worse, many animals find themselves trapped in the chimney, where they end up dying and causing quite a stink. The best way to prevent animal intrusion altogether is to have a properly-sized chimney cap professionally installed.
  • Leak Prevention – A flue that lacks a chimney cap basically acts as a straw or funnel for rain, snow, and sleet. To protect your chimney system from leaks and preserve its structure and integrity, it’s worth investing in a quality chimney cap. Leaks can lead to all sorts of expensive repairs, so prevention is most certainly key.
  • Fire Prevention – In addition to providing protection from animals and water, a quality chimney cap can act as a spark arrestor, which keeps embers from smoldering – and possibly igniting – on your roof. Protect your home from the dangers of stray sparks by having a chimney cap professionally inspected today!

What Are My Style Choices?

Here at Old Hat Chimney Service, we offer a variety of chimney cap styles and sizes. Whatever your aesthetic or budget, we can help you find the perfect chimney cap for your home. In addition to helping you find a cap that is just right for you, we’ll also provide professional installation services, so you can be confident that your chimney cap is protecting your chimney system the way it should.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment to have a quality chimney cap professionally installed on your home, please give us a call at 770-529-2654, or click here!

If your chimney is not already waterproofed, check with us about how this skilled procedure can help prevent chimney leaks.

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