Masonry Chimney Caps

The Beauty & Longevity Of A Masonry Chimney Cap

Here at Old Hat Chimney Service, we know that you don’t just want your chimney system to be as safe and efficient as possible – you also want it to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. That’s why we are pleased to offer our customers in the greater metro Atlanta area the option of having masonry chimney caps built and installed.

Having a masonry chimney cap not only provides years of protection, it can also make quite a statement. Masonry offers homeowners more creative control and durability that simply can’t be matched by prefabricated chimney caps. Masonry chimney caps give you the freedom to choose or design a dazzling focal point that complements the rest of your home.

The skilled technicians at Old Hat Chimney Service have years of masonry experience and can create a cap that you’ll love and be proud of for years to come. Plus, we have a thorough understanding of what makes a chimney cap work well, so you can be confident in our design and installation.

Why Have A Chimney Cap In The First Place?

The chimney cap is designed to cover the opening at the top of the flue, thus protecting the chimney system from water, animals, and debris.

  • Water: Water is known as the chimney’s worst enemy, and is responsible for many costly restorations, repairs, and rebuilds. Once it enters the chimney, water can cause masonry to crumble, spall, mold, crack and discolor. It can also cause any metal parts within the system (such as the throat damper or metal liner) to rust and corrode.
  • Animals: Animals tend to bring more than just annoying sounds when they nest in your chimney: they also bring along flammable nesting materials, feces, feathers, fur, bugs, and disease. Additionally, animals often get stuck and die in a cap-less chimney, which can leave you with quite a stinky problem on your hands.
  • Debris: If your chimney flue lacks a cap, strong winds and storms can easily blow all sorts of leaves and sticks down into your chimney system. Not only does this debris cause obstructions and limit air flow – it can also easily ignite when you use your chimney and appliance.

If your chimney doesn’t have a chimney cap, chances are you already have water damage and possibly a furry or feathered tenant as well. The best way to prevent the problems and damages that come with chimney intruders is to have a proper chimney cap installed on your home.

For more information on the beautiful masonry chimney caps we can provide you with — or to schedule an appointment — please give us a call at 770-529-2654, or click here!


You can protect your prefab chimney with a chase cover, pan or shroud. Is this the chimney cap protection that you need?

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