Prefab Chase Covers, Pans & Shrouds

Protect Your Prefab Chimney With A Chase Cover, Pan Or Shroud

Masonry and prefabricated chimneys are different in a lot of ways, but they also have quite a few similarities, including a need for protection against water intrusion at the top of the flue. On a masonry chimney, the chimney crown provides that protection. In a prefabricated system, it’s a chase cover, pan or shroud.

The chimney chase itself has decorative and protective roles. Without a chase, a factory-built chimney doesn’t provide much visual appeal — they’re thoroughly functional but stark metal pipes. Most homeowners have a chase built around that chimney, finished with a facade that either matches the home’s siding or mimics the look of traditional masonry. The chase gives a home a more finished look, but it also keeps the elements out of direct contact with the chimney, which helps extend the chimney’s life.

A fair share of that protection comes from the chase cover, pan or shroud. Much like the crown of a masonry chimney, the chase cover, pan or shroud is installed at the very top of the chase to divert water away.

Materials And Design: You Have Many Options

Chase covers, pans and shrouds are available in a number of different materials: galvanized metal, which is generally the most affordable choice, but the least durable; stainless steel, which costs more but resists the rust and corrosion galvanized metal falls prey to; or copper, for homeowners who are drawn to something highly durable with extra visual appeal.

Old Hat Chimney Service can recommend a wide variety of styles, too, from covers that don’t draw much attention to ornate shrouds that become major focal points of your home’s exterior.

How Do I Know If I Need A New Chase Cover, Pan Or Shroud?

A chimney leak might be the first indication that there’s a problem with your existing chase cover. But more so than the crown on a masonry chimney, chase covers tend to give a pretty obvious visual indication of trouble: rust.

Many chases are built with galvanized chase covers, and while their durability will vary, rust and corrosion isn’t unusual with that material. If you notice streaks of rust running down your chase, odds are it’s time to talk about replacing your chase cover. If you’re not having chimney leak issues now, that rust is a clear hint that leaks are on the way.

We’ll check your chase cover, pan or shroud during an annual inspection, but if you notice rust in between visits, let us know — we can help, before the problem gets worse.

If you need a chase cover, pan or shroud installed or replaced, call Old Hat Chimney Service at 770-529-2654, or click here to make an appointment with our NFI and CSIA-certified technicians!


Ask for more information about a custom masonry chimney cap for an effective and beautiful solution for keeping water, animals and unwanted debris out of your chimney. A chimney cap is a simple solution to many chimney problems.

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