Flashing & Custom Crickets

Flashing & Custom Cricket Installation

Your chimney is going to be inherently welcoming to the water that gathers on your roof. As rain and other forms of precipitation flow down the roof ridge, your chimney’s vertical walls give that water something to pool against. That’s why a considerable effort is put toward protecting chimneys at the roofline. Metal flashing, bolstered by high-performance caulk, is installed to repel and deflect water around the seam where the roof and chimney meet.

In order to be effective, flashing is designed in layers. The first layer is called step flashing: L-shaped metal pieces that are installed around the entire chimney, integrated with the roof tiles. Counter flashing is layered on top of the step flashing, and installed into the mortar joints. Since the flashing needs to perfectly fit the individual chimney, step and counter flashing sections are always custom-sized and custom-installed.

Depending on your preferences and budget, flashing can be constructed out of affordable galvanized metal, durable stainless steel or eye-grabbing, and long-lasting copper.

If you have a chimney leak, Old Hat Chimney Service’s technicians will check your flashing for damage during a thorough inspection. And if the flashing needs to be repaired, we can do the custom work required to get it back to effectively fighting off water intrusion.

Some Chimneys Require Extra Help To Fight Off Water

If excessive water is pooling around your chimney, it may take more than well-constructed flashing to successfully keep moisture from damaging your masonry and the roof. Old Hat Chimney Service technicians can help divert water away by building a custom cricket — a raised ridge built against the problem chimney wall– which encourages water to flow around the chimney toward the gutters. Even well-built, well-installed flashing can start to weaken with excessive pooling. A custom cricket will ultimately help extend the life of your flashing, your chimney, and your roof.

Protecting your chimney at the roofline is key to blocking water intrusion. If your flashing is damaged or missing, give Old Hat Chimney Service a call! Our skilled technicians can custom-build and install chimney flashing and chimney crickets that will provide you with years of protection. Call us at 770-529-2654 or click here to make your appointment!


A properly-installed chimney cap may be the solution to a chimney leak problem. We’re ready to help you dry things out.

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