Waterproofing Chimney & Masonry

Protect Your Chimney & Masonry With Professional Waterproofing Products!

Masonry materials have some great benefits: Bricks and mortar are strong and durable; allow for great flexibility in size and color; result in beautiful structures; and, since they’re porous, allow otherwise-trapped vapors to escape. That porous quality, however, can be a drawback, too. Even new masonry materials will absorb a certain amount of water, but over time, as brick and mortar wears down, masonry can start taking in more water than it should. As a result, the masonry wicks moisture toward the inside of the chimney, which eventually leads to masonry damage, as well as to the decay of the surrounding building materials (i.e. walls, ceilings, etc.)

The freeze and thaw cycle poses other issues for your chimney masonry. When water is retained inside damaged bricks and mortar joints, it can freeze and expand as temperatures cool and warm, causing the brick to crack and crumble from the inside out. Repairing that degree of damage — more often than not — requires extensive work, and gets costly, quickly.

The best way to arm your masonry against the effects of water is to have Old Hat Chimney Service technicians apply a waterproof sealant that’s specially formulated for use on chimneys. Professional waterproofing products help the masonry shed water, but don’t affect its ability to vent vapors from inside the chimney.

Can’t I Just Paint The Chimney?

In a word: No. Using latex paint in an attempt to waterproof a chimney would do more harm than good. Paint might keep out water, but it won’t allow the masonry to remain permeable and able to vent the vapors inside of the chimney. Chimney waterproofing sealant is 100-percent vapor-permeable, so it brings the protection you’re looking for, without adversely affecting the chimney’s ability to function properly.

Another Chimney Waterproofing Option: CrownSeal

Old Hat Chimney Service can waterproof your chimney masonry with a waterproofing sealant, and even protect your chimney crown from the effects of water intrusion. Using a product called CrownSeal, we can create a waterproof membrane over the crown’s surface, allowing it to divert water more effectively and stand up to the elements through years of use.

Extend the life of your masonry and prevent expensive repairs by having Old Hat Chimney Service apply a waterproofing sealant on your system today. Call us at 770-529-2654 or click here to schedule an appointment!


Another solution for fixing leaky chimneys is the installation or repair of flashing and/or custom crickets. Ask our experts for more information today.

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