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Why Chimney Maintenance Is So Important

Attention signWhen you own a house, the list of home maintenance tasks can seem never-ending. While most homeowners attempt to keep on top of everything, some areas do get neglected, and, unfortunately, the chimney commonly falls within those ignored areas. However, to be safe from the possibility of a devastating chimney fire, a deadly carbon monoxide leak, or another chimney-related hazard, you should never neglect any chimney maintenance duties. In our years of working on chimneys, our chimney technicians at Old Hat Chimney Service have seen the damage done by failure to keep up with maintaining a chimney properly. We always stress to our customers the importance of chimney maintenance, and we would like to share with you some tips from Popular Mechanics on the maintenance tasks you should do to ensure chimney safety as well as to prolong the life of your chimney.

You Can Trust Old Hat Chimney Service to Take Care of Your Most Important Chimney Maintenance Issue.

The most essential chimney maintenance responsibility you have is to call Old Hat Chimney Service once a year to schedule your annual chimney sweeping and inspection. Our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps will clean your chimney to get rid of all the hazardous creosote deposits that have accumulated on the interior walls of your chimney. Creosote is highly flammable and is one of the main causes of chimney fires, so make sure your chimney is free from built-up creosote before the temperatures drop and fireplace season arrives. We will also inspect your chimneys to look for any essential repairs that need to be taken care of before winter comes. Cracks in the bricks and mortar, along with cracks, gaps, and other damage to your chimney cap, crown, or liner, can be signs of water leaks that should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent more deterioration. Damage to your chimney liner can be hazardous as carbon monoxide, smoke, and other harmful byproducts of combustion can leak into your home through cracks and gaps in the liner.

While an Annual Chimney Cleaning and Inspection Is the Most Essential Chimney Maintenance Task, There Are Other Important Chimney Safety Maintenance Tips to Follow.

As recommended by Popular Mechanics, these fireplace and chimney safety tips include:

  • Be sure the area around your fireplace is clear of anything flammable. You may love the look of a decorated hearth during the holidays; however, the risk of a fire is not worth it.
  • If your fireplace is not equipped with glass doors, place wire mesh screening in front of the fire to prevent sparks from flying out and creating a fire hazard.
  • Choose the best firewood to burn. The most important quality of good firewood is that it has been sufficiently dried, or seasoned. Freshly-cut wood is too wet to burn clean and creates more hazardous creosote deposits.
  • During the holiday season, do not be tempted to burn your Christmas tree in your fireplace. Also, do not place wrapping paper, boxes, or other trash in the fireplace to burn.
  • Refrain from trying to stuff your fireplace with wood. Burning too much wood at once can damage your firebox. Burn wood on a grate placed near the back of your fireplace.

If you have not scheduled your annual chimney sweeping and inspection, contact Old Hat Chimney Service today to make an appointment. We love helping you take care of important chimney maintenance tasks.

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