Relining Options With HeatShield®

If your existing chimney flue liner is damaged, depending on the extent of that damage, you’ll have a few options for getting your chimney back to proper working order: repair/restoration or relining.

If your chimney is in need of either option, Old Hat Chimney Service technicians may recommend one of several HeatShield® products for your liner. HeatShield® uses a specially designed ceramic refractory (or “cerfractory”) sealant material to fill and smooth over cracks, gaps and other kinds of damage in clay tile liners. Proven to be strong and durable, HeatShield® stands up to temperatures above 2900°F, holds up well to moisture and acidic, corrosive flue gases and is suitable for use with all kinds of fuels, from wood to gas and oil.

Whether you’re having a liner restored or relined with a HeatShield® product, you can expect decades of headache-free use – in fact, when professionally applied, HeatShield® carries a 20-year material warranty.

Different Types Of HeatShield® Systems

HeatShield® makes several different systems designed to bring damaged liners back to expected levels of performance and safety. We can recommend a system that makes sense for your chimney, based on the type of damage found in your liner.

HeatShield® Joint Repair
This system is designed to repair damaged clay liner mortar joints. If cracked or degraded mortar joints make up the bulk of your damage, this may be the best choice. To install it, we’ll use a custom-fitted applicator to apply HeatShield® sealant to your damaged joints, smoothing repaired cracks, gaps and voids as we fill them. After all damaged areas are repaired, we’ll video scan the flue to make sure it’s whole again and ready for optimum performance.

HeatShield® Resurfacing
When a tile liner has damage that spreads beyond joints to cracked or crumbling tiles, HeatShield®’s Resurfacing System may make the most sense as a repair option. With this system, we clean and prep the flue, then, using a custom applicator, apply a 1/4 inch-thick coat of HeatShield® sealant material to the entire flue. Once the application is complete, we video scan the flue to ensure that it’s been properly resurfaced. The result is a smooth and smoke-tight chimney.

HeatShield® Relining
When flue liner restoration isn’t a reasonable option — either because the existing liner is significantly damaged, or there wasn’t a liner there to begin with — Old Hat techs may recommend HeatShield®’s CeCure Sleeve Relining System. The CeCure sleeve is constructed with a ceramic insulation material and reinforced with stainless steel fabric, and that sleeve is custom-installed between two layers of HeatShield®’s flue sealant. As with other HeatShield® applications, we video scan the flue to ensure proper installation.

If your chimney flue liner needs to be restored or replaced, HeatShield® products might be right for you. Give Old Hat Chimney Service a call at 770-529-2654 to talk with our CSIA-certified technicians about your options!


Stainless steel liners are the best relining option for many chimneys. At Old Hat Chimney Service, we can help you sort out all the important issues.

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