Masonry Restoration & Construction

Need Masonry Restoration Or Construction? Call The Professionals!

Old Hat Chimney Service has been providing clients in Metro Atlanta with superior chimney services since 1992, and complex masonry work is among our specialties. Doing masonry repairs and restoration work correctly requires expertise and experience, considering both aesthetics (making sure those repairs are visually seamless) and structural integrity (using the right materials, so that repaired areas integrate properly with the original construction).

Masonry construction is an exciting and demanding art, and the masonry professionals at Old Hat are devoted to providing masonry work that shows an unfailing attention to detail, providing the function and beauty you want and expect.

We can handle a variety of masonry restoration and construction needs, including (but not limited to):

If your masonry joints are showing signs of significant damage — in the form of cracks or eroded joints — we may be able to make repairs with tuckpointing, the detailed process of removing damaged joints and replacing them with fresh, functional new joints.

Crown Restoration
A cracked crown is a surefire way to encourage water intrusion and, with it, water damage. Our technicians can restore damaged crowns and get them back to providing the levels of water protection they’re designed for.

Crown Seal & Construction
We can often repair smaller crown cracks with Crown Seal, which fills in those damaged areas and provides a waterproof seal. For crowns that have more significant issues, including spalling or improper design and installation, Old Hat techs can construct a new crown.

Architectural Cement Crowns
A custom cement crown can provide more thorough, longer-lasting protection against water intrusion for a masonry chimney — and can make a much more pleasing aesthetic statement.

Smoke Chamber Parging
The smoke chamber is often overlooked, and it shouldn’t be — it takes in a large share of your fire’s heat and contributes considerably to the chimney’s proper performance. Parging — or smoothing and sealing — the smoke chamber provides added protection and can improve draft.

Top-Sealing Dampers
Closed off when the flue isn’t in use, top-sealing dampers have been shown to provide significant energy savings and help protect the system against water and animal intrusion, too.

Call Old Hat Chimney Service for all your masonry restoration and construction needs — we’re dedicated to providing our customers with superior service and the highest-quality chimney and hearth products. To schedule your appointment, give us a call at 770-529-2654, or click here!


We can replace fireplace screens and the walls of your prefab fireplace. There are lots of ways to repair and restore chimney systems and we have the experience to help you with each of them!

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