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A well-performing chimney crown is a great source of protection against water intrusion in your chimney system. Installed at the top of your flue, it will encourage rain and other forms of precipitation away from the flue opening, and away from the chimney masonry. That diversion not only helps prevent leaks, it helps extend the life of your chimney masonry as well.

Unfortunately, given the crown’s placement — directly in the line of attack from sun and weather — crowns can develop cracks and other issues over time. Over years of nonstop heating up and cooling down and being beat upon by rain and sleet, the materials simply start to fail. And crown damage is a serious problem that quickly gets worse — once water starts making its way through cracks in the crown, damage invariably spreads. Water expands and contracts with freezing temperatures, small cracks become big gaps, and water can be given direct access to your chimney system.

If your crown begins to show signs of damage, or if you have a chimney leak (lots of leaks end up being traced back to crown damage), Old Hat Chimney Service can restore your crown, and get it back to providing the level of protection it should.

The steps taken to restore a crown will vary, based on the extent of the damage and the specific chimney we’re working with. It can include something as simple as applying Crown Seal to seal up cracks and protect against water, or building a new cement crown. Our CSIA-certified technicians will inspect your damage and recommend the best, most cost-effective and long-lasting repair method possible.

How Do I Know My Chimney Crown Is Damaged?

We can’t all get a good view of the top of our chimney easily, so seeing chimney crown damage directly might not be the way you realize a problem is there. A few signs of possible chimney crown damage are:

  • Chimney Leaks – Leaks can originate from a lot of different areas in your chimney system, but certain places are more common than others, and the crown is one of them. If you’re noticing moisture in or around your fireplace and chimney, Old Hat Chimney Service can inspect your system and find out whether crown damage is the source.
  • White Stains Around The Top Of Your Masonry – White stains, or efflorescence, on masonry is a good indication of water intrusion. If your crown is functioning well, it should be helping to keep water away from your masonry. That indication of excess moisture may point to crown damage or poor crown design.
  • Green Growth Around The Top Of Your Masonry – Another sign of water intrusion is the growth of moss or other vegetation on your masonry. It’s possible that crown damage is a part of what’s leading to your masonry taking on the excess water that’s allowing for vegetative growth.

If your crown is or may be damaged, call Old Hat Chimney Service at 770-529-2654 — we can restore your crown so that your chimney is protected against water intrusion once again.


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