Architectural Cement Crowns

Architectural Cement Crown Installation

Not all chimney crowns are created equal. A well-designed and well-built chimney crown, installed at the top of your flue, will help divert water away from the chimney and onto the roof, to be safely ushered out by your gutters. That function is a must, and a given. But your chimney forms a big part of your home’s curb appeal, too, and crown replacement offers an opportunity to improve the look of your home while helping protect it from water intrusion.

You’ll see chimney crowns that vary greatly in look and performance. A simple cement wash is generally inexpensive, but barely visible and not terribly long-lasting or well-designed — cracks commonly develop over a relatively short period. Cast cement crowns tend to be far more durable and make the chimney look more polished and finished.

The Starting Point For A Good Chimney Crown

A well-functioning chimney crown is designed with a number of guidelines: It should slope away from the flue to encourage water diversion, and its edges should extend at least 2 and 1/2 inches past the masonry, in order for it to stop water from pouring directly onto the chimney. Strong crowns are generally reinforced with steel as well.

In addition to the basic building blocks of a well-functioning chimney crown, Old Hat Chimney Service can design and install an architectural cement crown that provides the proper protection and adds to the look of your home. Your crown can have a more elaborate design to enhance the look of your home or be simple and sleek. We’ll work with you to create the crown you want, with the water protection you need.

Further Protect Your Chimney Crown

Even a strong chimney crown can stand to be stronger. Old Hat Chimney Service’s technicians can apply a product to your crown called CrownSeal, which further arms it against the intrusion of water. CrownSeal forms a waterproof membrane that protects the concrete and can greatly extend its expected service life. It’s a great product that can both repair small surface cracks on a chimney crown and protect one that’s still intact.

If you’re interested in having an architectural cement crown added to your chimney, call Old Hat Chimney Service. Our CSIA- and NFI-certified technicians would love to create a crown that matches the aesthetic you’re looking for!


CrownSeal may be the answer to repairing minor damage to your chimney’s crown. Let’s discuss whether it will work for you.

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