Crown Seal & Construction

Restoring Your Crown With CrownSeal & New Construction

In order for your chimney to last and function well over the decades of use we expect from it, the system’s many protective measures need to be intact. That includes a properly-installed chimney cap, properly-installed chimney flashing and a strong, intact chimney crown (among other important parts).

With years of weather, a masonry chimney crown can begin to crack — and once small cracks appear, if they’re not repaired, big cracks and gaps will certainly follow along with water damage to the chimney and your home.

The expert technicians at Old Hat Chimney Service repair and restore chimney crowns day in, day out — so if yours is cracking, spalling or crumbling, we can recommend a smart, cost-effective way to get it back to proper function. What we recommend will depend upon the extent of the damage, but whether it’s small repairs or a newly constructed crown you need, we’ll make sure your crown is ready to do its job for years to come.

Different Types Of Chimney Crown Work

Our trained and experienced technicians can handle any kind of crown work, from repairs to rebuilds. Some of the crown work we commonly do includes:

CrownSeal Repairs
If we catch crown damage while cracks are still relatively small, we may be able to make repairs using CrownSeal. The product is designed to form a permanently flexible waterproof membrane over the crown, halting the damage from current cracks and preventing them from spreading or widening. We’ve found this product to be highly dependable, and it even carries a 10-year warranty!

New Crown Construction
If your crown is damaged to the point where repairs won’t be effective, Old Hat Chimney Service’s technicians can construct a new crown that’s designed to perform and last. Our techs are trained to use the right materials and the right design principles for optimal protection against water intrusion. Not only that, a new crown from Old Hat Chimney Service will make a real visual difference, too.

If your chimney crown needs to be repaired or rebuilt, Old Hat Chimney Service can help. Call us today at 770-529-2654, or click here to make an appointment with our NFI- and CSIA-certified technicians!


We can construct a custom architectural cement crown to keep your chimney system dry, increasing the curb appeal of your home at the same time. Do you need this crown construction or restoration service? Call us today.

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