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If the joints on a masonry chimney begin to crack, crumble or degrade, the ability of that chimney to withstand the effects of water is greatly, greatly diminished. And once water starts getting into small areas of damage, it begins to make that damage much more serious, until you are left with a chimney that needs major restoration work – perhaps even a rebuild.

The best way to repair those damaged joints and return them to protecting the structure against water is with proper tuckpointing work. And doing that work right requires significant training and experience. The technicians employed by Old Hat Chimney Service are extensively trained and CSIA-certified, and our company has been providing masonry repair and restoration work for homeowners in metro Atlanta since 1992. If you need tuckpointing work, count on us to provide detail-focused work and exemplary service.

The Tuckpointing Process Explained

To restore damaged masonry joints, you can’t just tack on some extra mortar — to be functionally and aesthetically sound, the joints need to be ground back so fresh mortar can adhere properly and form a strong new joint. The process of removing the damaged mortar, prepping surfaces and filling the gaps with new mortar is a detailed one, and done correctly, it makes a huge difference in extending the life of your chimney. Mortar is routinely expected to last around 25 years while bricks, on the other hand, can last for as long as a century. Quality tuckpointing work can help your chimney structure last alongside your brick.

Choosing the right materials is a big part of proper tuckpointing work. There are aesthetic considerations — matching the color of material that’s faded or darkened with weather and time; and making new joints integrate perfectly with the old ones, so that repairs aren’t noticeable. But there are serious structural considerations too, particularly with older chimneys. The mortar and bricks used by masons decades ago differ greatly, in terms of hardness and permeability, from what’s commonly used today. A chimney technician needs to match repair materials with the original construction so that repaired areas can contract and expand with changing temperatures without destroying the surrounding original brick and mortar.

Our CSIA-certified technicians have extensive tuckpointing experience — we can help whether you need to restore a historic chimney or have small areas of damage on a newer chimney repaired.

If the mortar joints on your masonry chimney are showing signs of damage, call Old Hat Chimney Service at 770-529-2654 — our technicians can provide expert tuckpointing work, and get your chimney back to looking and functioning its best.


Having the chimney crown restored will help keep your chimney dry, preventing more damage from occurring. This is an important masonry repair service, so ask us about it today.

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