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If your lifestyle doesn’t make the effort involved with using a wood-burning fireplace highly appealing, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the warmth, ambiance and look of a fireplace. More and more homeowners are choosing to have gas fireplaces installed these days since they’re efficient, attractive and exceedingly easy to use.

The Pluses Of Using A Gas Fireplace

If you’ve used a wood-burning fireplace, you know that there’s a fair amount of work involved. You’ll need to buy, cut or collect firewood, stack it (and, if it’s not seasoned or kiln-dried wood, allow six months to a year of drying time), build a fire, give it ample time to extinguish, clean up ash and make sure to schedule regular chimney sweeping to keep creosote from building up to worrisome levels. Wood-burning fireplaces can be wonderful, but they’re not necessarily ideal for folks who are constantly on the go.

Gas fireplaces, however, take a lot of the effort out of enjoying a fire. Once your unit is installed and a gas line is hooked up, you’ll get your fire going with the push of a button or the flip of a switch. You’ll need to do very little cleaning yourself, and although regular maintenance is recommended, you won’t be keeping up with creosote like you would with a wood appliance.

Manufacturers have come a long way in terms of creating a realistic looking fire, too — gas logs on the market now are remarkably true to life, with intricate detail and flames that are hard to distinguish from a “real” wood fire.

Different Types Of Gas Fireplaces

Manufacturers today make gas fireplaces in a wide variety of styles, from classic looks that mimic a more traditional fireplace to bold arched units and modern ones with clean lines. You can opt for a unit that lives in one room, make a dynamic statement with a unit that opens on two sides for two-room enjoyment, choose a unit that opens on three sides for an eye-grabbing peninsula, or even go for a four-sided unit to create a central focal point in a large open space. Whatever your preference, you’re sure to find a gas fireplace that pleases.

Modern gas fireplaces also allow for a lot of installation flexibility — zero clearance construction makes it so many units can be installed in close proximity to walls and other building materials, so long as a gas line is available to be installed.

From a practical standpoint, one of the bigger choices you’ll make is between a natural vent, direct vent or vent-free fireplace. Natural vent appliances use a vertical chimney through the roof, like a traditional fireplace. Direct-vent fireplaces vent back through the wall, and vent-free fireplaces are built so that venting isn’t required. Each has its benefits, and Old Hat Chimney Service technicians can help you weigh out the pluses and minuses so that you can decide what works best for you, your home and your budget.

Looking to have a gas fireplace installed in your home? Old Hat Chimney Service would love to help! Call us or click here to schedule an appointment with our NFI and CSIA-certified technicians.


You may be one of those people who will only be happy with a wood-burning fireplace. If so, Old Hat Chimney Service is your best choice for this fireplace installation in the metro Atlanta area.

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