Wood-Burning Inserts

Professional Wood-Burning Insert Installation

If you’re disappointed in the look or function of your existing fireplace, you have an option beyond taking on a full rebuild or just dealing with the disappointment. Wood-burning fireplace inserts are designed to be retrofitted into existing fireplace spaces, updating and improving the look and function of the appliance greatly in a quick and affordable way.

The Benefits Of Wood-Burning Inserts

Improve the look of your home
A dated or worn-down fireplace can take an otherwise attractive space and make it look shabby. It’s the unfortunate side of fireplaces being such a focal point in a room — when they look great, they make your room look great; when they look shabby, they give your room an air of shabbiness, too. Wood-burning inserts can be a fast and affordable way to refresh your fireplace and refresh your space. Units are available in a variety of looks and styles, from steel to cast iron, simple to ornate — so whatever your aesthetic preferences might be, you’ll be able to find an insert that suits you. The experts at Old Hat Chimney Service can help you find an appliance that serves your needs and has a look you love.

Turn a mood enhancer into an efficient heating option
Most old fireplaces don’t do a great job of heating up a room since a lot of the heat produced from your fire goes right up the chimney. They’re great for vibe and ambiance, but not incredibly effective if zone heating is what you really want or need. Wood-burning inserts, on the other hand, are built to be highly efficient heaters, and some even have fans or thermostats to make them even more effective and user-friendly. Having an effective heating appliance that can be used when the power goes out can be a great benefit, too, when winter storms affect your main source of home heating.

Save on fuel, lower emissions
Traditional fireplaces work on an open combustion system, and a certain amount of wasted fuel is to be expected. Modern wood-burning inserts, on the other hand, are made to make much more efficient use of fuel, using a closed combustion system with glass doors. These have been shown to reach efficiency levels higher than 65 percent, which means less waste and much more heat output. EPA-certified wood-burning inserts are great choices for environmentally conscious homeowners, too, since their emissions are reduced to next to nothing.

If your existing fireplace has let you down one too many times, give Old Hat Chimney Service a call! Our skilled technicians can help bring new life to your fireplace with a wood-burning insert. Call us at 770-529-2654, or click here to make an appointment with our CSIA-certified technicians — we can help you find an appliance that perfectly suits your needs, your space and your tastes!


Maybe a gas fireplace is better suited to your on-the-go family and lifestyle. You can get more information about this fireplace installation service from our experts at Old Hat Chimney Service.

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