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The Benefits Of Converting A Wood-Burning Fireplace To Gas Logs

If you lead a particularly busy life, you may not get to use your wood-burning fireplace as often as you’d like. It takes time and effort to gather wood, build a fire, light it and clean up after it. And since it’s dangerous to leave a smoldering fire alone, some folks can get frustrated, waiting for the fire to extinguish completely before they can go out or go to bed.

Gas logs can make enjoying your fireplace a whole lot easier. You can turn your flames on or off with the touch of a button, and the short-term and long-term mess is greatly minimized. You won’t be cleaning up ashes, and gas logs have been shown to produce 40% fewer emissions than wood-burning appliances — a big bonus if you’re concerned about the environmental effects of your heating appliance.

Whether you have a masonry or prefabricated wood-burning fireplace, Old Hat Chimney Service can convert it and provide the ease of use that comes with gas logs.

Today’s Gas Logs Are Incredibly Realistic

You might be surprised by how life-like the gas logs Old Hat Chimney Service’s technicians routinely sell and install look. These products are made of refractory ceramic or cement materials and are designed with realistic details, from craggy bark to knots, and many are hand-painted with a remarkable attention to detail. You’ll have a lot of options to choose from in terms of look, too, from deep oak to beachy driftwood. Tell our techs about what you like, and we’ll help you find the perfect gas logs.

The Different Types Of Gas Logs You Can Choose From

When you’re considering having gas logs installed in your existing wood-burning fireplace, you’ll choose between vented or vent-less logs, each of which offers different benefits, depending on your needs.

Vented gas logs are sometimes called “yellow flame” logs. These, as you might guess, need to vent through a fireplace, and produce a highly-realistic yellow flame. In terms of heat production, vented gas logs are relatively comparable to the heat you might expect from a wood-burning unit. Like a wood-burning unit, these also produce sooty byproducts that make regular sweeping a necessity.

Vent-less gas logs don’t need to vent through a chimney and give off a blue flame that doesn’t look quite as natural but does offer a high level of heat. These produce a particularly clean burn and can be ideal if your existing venting option would make vented log installation more difficult.

Something To Keep In Mind About Gas Logs

If you have a poorly-functioning gas fireplace that you’re looking to improve, gas logs aren’t the right choice. These were designed to convert wood-burning fireplaces into gas-burning ones, and they aren’t meant to be installed into gas units. Our knowledgeable technicians can take a look at your poorly-functioning gas fireplace and help you determine what your options are.

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