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The formula that adds up to stress-free heating appliance ownership is easy: Have a well-designed appliance installed properly, maintained regularly and,  when necessary, repaired properly by experienced, certified technicians. Installation and repairs often get the attention they deserve, since the former entails the addition of an important new part of your home, and the latter is the key to being able to continually use that addition.

Maintenance can get overlooked, unfortunately, since its need is less obvious — if everything is working OK, why do I need to call my chimney professionals? The simple answer: Regular maintenance, whether you have a gas fireplace, gas logs or any other kind of heating appliance, is the best way to ensure that everything keeps working well and safely.

Gas Appliances Require Regular Maintenance, Too

One of the great things about gas appliances is that, in comparison to wood-burning appliances, their routine maintenance is relatively minimal. You’re not cleaning out ash, stacking wood, building fires or worrying about creosote every time you use the fireplace. However, in order to keep performing at optimum levels, gas appliances do require some regular maintenance.

Regular maintenance includes having a trained professional inspect the various parts that make the appliance work, from the pilot light and burner through to the venting system. Appliance and chimney deposits do result from burning gas as well, and the acids in those deposits can shorten the life of your system. Having the fireplace or stove and chimney professionally cleaned helps minimize those effects.

The recommendation for gas appliance maintenance from the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) is to schedule an appointment with professional chimney techs at least once a year. If you’re due for service, we’re here to help — Old Hat Chimney Service’s technicians will work hard to keep your appliance in top shape and ensure that your system lasts through years and years of enjoyment.

If Repairs Are Necessary, Old Hat Techs Can Help

Even well-built, properly-installed and well-maintained gas appliances can have problems that need to be repaired from time to time. Old Hat Chimney Service’s experienced, trained technicians deal with all kinds of gas appliance repairs day in, day out — if you have a problem that needs to be fixed, we can get that appliance back in working order.

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Old Hat Chimney Service’s NFI and CSIA-certified technicians are ready to help with all your hearth appliance service needs, from maintenance to repairs. Give us a call at 770-529-2654, or click here to make an appointment!


Need a log lighter replacement? We can help keep your gas logs and fireplace operating safely.

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