Outdoor Kitchens

We Can Build Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen!

If you love to entertain outdoors, an outdoor kitchen could increase your fun factor significantly — instead of constantly running back and forth into the house to cook, fetch drinks and refill snacks, you can stay outside with your guests, enjoy the fresh air, cook meals and chill drinks right there in your outdoor living area.

Outdoor living is becoming more and more popular with homeowners — something that’s definitely true in the Atlanta area — and outdoor kitchens can quickly turn a simple patio into a perfect spot for entertaining.

Whether you’re looking for a simple cooking area or a fully loaded outdoor kitchen, Old Hat Chimney Service can design, build and install exactly what you’re envisioning.

Appliances And Other Tools

In terms of conveniences, an outdoor kitchen can be as simple as a grill and a prep area, or it can include a full complement of appliances with countertops, a sink, even an outdoor fireplace that doubles as a pizza oven.

You have a lot of flexibility, even after you decide what to include in your kitchen — do you want a grill that can be moved, or do you want it to be stationary? Should your prep area be mobile? If we’re working under a covered structure, what kind of exhaust hood would you choose? Old Hat Chimney Service can help you make the best, most efficient use of your space.

Commonly Used Materials

Certain materials are particularly suited for outdoor kitchen use, because they look great but also stand up to weather well. Stainless steel is popular for counters and prep areas, as is concrete and certain kinds of tile. Masonry and stone veneers that are specifically designed for outdoor kitchen use are often used for counters and cabinets, too. Old Hat Chimney Service’s technicians can recommend some great durable materials.

You Can Choose Different Fuels Here, Too

Appliances in your outdoor kitchen can use wood or gas as fuel, depending on your needs and preferences. Gas lines can be run to make grills and fireplaces easier and quicker to use. You might choose to have a gas grill for cooking, but a wood-burning fireplace for ambiance and to make use of fallen timber. We can install an outdoor kitchen that suits your lifestyle, from the appliances to the fuels they burn.

Outdoor Kitchens Are A Little Different

We can design an outdoor kitchen that offers all the function and convenience of your indoor kitchen (with the added bonus of much higher ceilings). But your outdoor kitchen, even if it’s under a covered structure, is under a lot more stress from the elements than your indoor one would be.

If your kitchen includes built-in cooking appliances, they should be periodically inspected and adjusted. And before any heating or cooking appliances are installed under a covered structure, ventilation needs have to be taken into account — which is why having experienced, certified heating appliance professionals on the job is key. Old Hat Chimney Service can help you get the most out of your outdoor kitchen, making sure that you and your friends and family can enjoy that space with the levels of efficiency and safety you expect.

Old Hat Chimney Service can create the outdoor kitchen you’ve always wanted. Call us at 770-529-2654 or click here to make an appointment!


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