Spring Cleaning Your Fireplace - Atlanta, GA - Old Hat Chimney Service

Spring Cleaning Includes Refreshing Your Fireplace

Spring Cleaning Your Fireplace - Atlanta, GA - Old Hat Chimney Service

For $250, our Special Spring Cleaning Package Deal includes the following services:


Recommended by many national fire safety organizations like the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), an annual chimney inspection by our CSIA-certified chimney experts will ensure your chimney functions safely and properly. Old Hat Chimney Service guarantees your chimney will receive a thorough and appropriate level of inspection suited to its particular situation.


To remove any creosote deposits that have accumulated on the walls of your chimney over the winter heating season, the CSIA-certified chimney sweeps from Old Hat Chimney Service will use a powerful HEPA-filtered vacuum inside your chimney. We will also take care to remove any blockages of debris or animal nesting to be certain your flue is safe to use. Another recommended chimney maintenance task, a chimney sweeping prevents hazardous issues, such as a chimney fire ignited by creosote, from occurring.


Over time, your mantle and firebox can become dingy from smoke and soot from repeated fires. Cleaning off the stains left behind takes a lot of hard work, so why not let Old Hat Chimney Service do this challenging chore for you? Our chimney sweeps have the right tools to easily remove any black stains from the bricks or stone of your hearth. Your fireplace will look brand new after we are finished!


Have you noticed a strong, unpleasant odor coming from your chimney? When the weather gets warmer and the humidity rises, creosote deposits within your chimney can cause bad smells that can fill your whole house. Even after we perform our chimney sweep to remove all of the creosote accumulation from your chimney, it can still leave a lingering odor. Old Hat Chimney Service can professionally deodorize your chimney to get rid of any bad smells from your fireplace.


Instantly improving the appearance of your fireplace, painting the firewalls can also make your fireplace look brand new. Old Hat Chimney Service has found that paint can make a huge difference, and we are happy to offer this special service.

Want to take advantage of saving $75 by scheduling our Spring Cleaning Package Deal Special? Schedule your appointment with Old Hat Chimney Service to make an appointment for this opportunity to receive all of the above services for just $250.

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