Update Your Fireplace With A New Insert

Summer Is a Great Time to Update Your Fireplace with a New Insert

Update Your Fireplace With A New InsertWere your winter heating costs higher than you expected? Summer is an excellent time to update your fireplace with a new wood-burning insert, which will help you save money and energy next winter. You will also be more conscious of the environment as the latest wood-burning technologies have transformed these inserts from the emissions-heavy models of the past into clean burning and energy-efficient units. Old Hat Chimney Service sells and professionally installs wood-burning fireplace inserts, and we would like to share with you the advantages of these heating appliances if you are considering updating your fireplace this summer.

A wood-burning insert promotes economical heating.

Costing about a third less than natural gas, electricity, or oil, wood can be a very economical fuel. Even better, if you are able to cut your own wood, your winter heating supply can be free. The informational website eHow claims that a new wood-burning fireplace insert will reduce your heating costs up to three times compared with a furnace or a boiler. You will also save money from the high efficiency of this appliance. When you burn a fire in an open fireplace, you lose the majority of the heat out from your chimney; however, when you use a wood-burning insert, you retain up to 80% of the heat from the wood’s energy into your living space.

A wood-burning insert is environmentally friendly.

A great way to make your home greener is to use a renewable heating source. Even though burning wood releases carbon dioxide into the air, it is actually part of a balanced carbon cycle as the wood you are burning uses carbon from the air to grow and live. Scientists have developed wood-burning technologies to allow you to use this heating fuel with emissions that are so low that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggest consumers use these inserts to reduce pollution.

A wood-burning insert provides an energy backup.

A great advantage of using wood to heat your home is not having to worry about having heat whenever your electricity or natural gas goes out due to a winter storm. Furthermore, heating resources can be scarce or become incredibly expensive in our times. When you use a wood-burning fireplace insert, you are free from oil, natural gas, and electricity to heat your home.

A wood-burning insert gives you the atmosphere of a wood fire.

Do you love the sight, sound, and smell experiences a wood fire provides? Although gas-fueled heating appliances try hard to create a realistic flame, you cannot get that scent of wood burning and the sound of a crackling fire from a gas fire. With its cozy and warm ambiance, a wood-burning fireplace insert will satisfy your desire for a natural fire with no worries of pollution.

Considering updating your fireplace this summer with a wood-burning insert? Contact Old Hat Chimney Service to find out more about the options we offer.

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