The 70’s Want Their Fireplace Back

The 70's Want Their Fireplace Back - Atlanta, GA - Old Hat Chimney ServcieLiving in an older home can present many challenges, including updating a dated home decor look. One of the most challenging remodeling jobs can be refacing your old fireplace. Since the fireplace is typically the main focal point of the room, an outdated appearance can really detract from the look you would like to have. If your fireplace decor reminds you of the 1970’s, it may be time to consider a fireplace facelift. Old Hat Chimney Service can help you take on this challenge by professionally refacing your fireplace. We can construct a new facing and mantel for you and install these over your existing fireplace to update its look to whatever style you desire. We would like to tell you more about your choices of material for a fireplace remodel by sharing with you some information from This Old House.


If your fireplace surround is constructed with a material other than brick and you want a more traditional look, Old Hat Chimney Service can create the look you want with the extremely durable material of brick. You are not just limited to the typical red brick as this masonry material comes in other colors and types. Our masons can even use different patterns and placements to create an interesting look. The best thing about a fireplace facelift with brick built by experienced masons is this fireplace facing will last you for many years.


Have you always wanted a stone fireplace? If so, consider yourself fortunate to have many different options, which include limestone, slate, marble, and granite. A material which is both attractive and long-lasting, natural stone can be used from contemporary and modern stylings to classic and traditional looks. If stone is too expensive for your budget, you have the option of going with cultured stone. Created to resemble natural stone, this lightweight material can be found in a wide variety of colors and textures to give you the look of real stone at a fraction of its price.


A very popular material used in fireplace refacing that can be seen in the latest home decorating magazines and websites, tile can give your fireplace a unique and creative look. Available in limitless options of colors, finishes, textures, and styles, tile can be placed around your fireplace however you wish. Tile can be found in both natural and man-made materials, and this really widens your horizons when designing a fireplace facing with tile.


If your home decor tends to be sleek and modern, a metal fireplace facing can really pull that look together for you. Old Hat Chimney Service can install metal paneling to create a contemporary and streamlined appearance that really updates an old fireplace from the 1970’s.

Ready to give your fireplace a facelift? Contact  Old Hat Chimney Service to talk to our staff about fireplace refacing options.

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